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Humans mental health & natural disasters

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Nature has its many aspects influencing the living organisms in different ways. At times nature decides to have a balance or make challenges for lives. Various types of calamities occur depending on geographical factors of a place. Different species respond with a variance to such disasters. It’s a common phenomenon to have been physically and mentally affected by such catastrophes. Some people have strong mental faculties to face such situations while others are affected very easily due to their sensitivity.
The most common symptoms that develop when an individual confront a natural disaster include stress, anxiousness, sadness and disturbance in routine. Depending on a person’s mental and physical strengths, the mentioned symptoms may lead to the development of certain mental, emotional and behavioural problems and disorders. The most commonly diagnosed include Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Major Depressive Disaster(MDD), and Specific Phobias.
The mental effects also depend on types of natural disorders. Some include floods, tropical storms, tsunamis, earthquakes etc. Some have it’s severity to a greater extent while others are less severe in destruction.
There is a clear demarcation in the short term and long term effects of natural catastrophes. The short term includes some acute symptoms like stress, anxiousness, sleep disturbance, poor appetite, sad mood etc. If these symptoms are not noted and supervised timely, these lead to certain criteria based disorders having a chronic pattern.
The mental affects seem to be alarming but both short term and long term conditions can be fully treated. The main tragedy is that we are still far behind in advancements and achievements towards growth in mental health developments which are less considered and underprivileged in the health sector.

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