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Private Education Mafia ( Education or El Dorado)

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Education in developing counties has been taken up as a lucrative business. The laxness of check and balance by the concern authorities has invited many business tycoons to this side, where money could be easily made. Similarly, the involvement of government teachers, lecturers and professors has further worsen the situation. Many of these public servants skive their duties to attend private schools and colleges to aggrandize themselves. Likewise enough number of them, own colleges with enigmatic deal with clerks and other high-ups. The educational situation in Malakand division is no more different from the rest of the country. Throughout there are 20 thousand school and colleges in kp, while in Malakand division round about the figure is 2 to 2.5 thousand in which approximately 1500 to 2000 are registered. The number of employees for the facilitation of these schools and colleges are 17 who work under the umbrella of (PSRA) private school regularity authority stated its assistant director. The government of ‘’change’’ has also failed to provide the basic right of education enshrined in the constitution. For this purpose, the established department (PSRA) has also fallen flat. The department has been set up to regulate fee, pay structure, registration of schools and colleges and address teachers, parents and students problems. In this connection rules and regulations have been chalked out but with zero implementation. Till now many colleges, registration is pending due to the reluctance of these owners stated one of the officials of PSRA. When inquired about the future of cases filed by teachers and parents against the cynic policies of private schools and colleges he declared the department responsible and some other influential hands. It should be noted that during off session teachers are fired from the job in order to swallow and stash more money. As a result, many cases are in vague because the court has no jurisdiction in them On the other hand, the rules of PSRA are not extendable to schools and colleges which are not registered with the department.
The population of Malakand division is 75 lakhs and to supervise schools and colleges in this growing educational hub it has one assistant Director for inspection of various schools and colleges whose office is located in Peshawar. This scenario keeps him in a tight corner. Furthermore, public grievances land in dustbin due to impetus in communication. This prevailing situation should be handled with an iron hand, in order to rescue this Holy profession from commercialism and to put the mafia under the dock.
Through this way, the already poverty buried masses could be provided standard education with a feasible environment and affordable fee.

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