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Drop scene of a woman’s suicide at Ingaro Dherai Swat.

download 1 - Drop scene of a woman's suicide at Ingaro Dherai Swat.

Swat(Saywriters) The husband deceived her and took her from her father’s house. Then poisoned her to death. The killer was arrested and an FIR was lodged by the victim’s Father. The SHO Police Station Rahimabad said that 10 days ago, a women (F) aged 19 wife of Umer Ali who was a mother of 9 year old child was reported dead by taking poison in Ingaro Dherai Swat. The In-laws reported it to be suicide. However, the Police lodged FIR and started investigation. According to her father Aqal Zada resident of Kukrai Swat, she was unhappy with her married life and was staying at her father’s house. A day before her murder, her husband came with Jirga and took her to his house and killed her with poison. The Police have arrested the killer and lodged FIR against him.

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