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COVID-19 Through My Eyes

coronavirus hero2 compressor 1 - COVID-19 Through My Eyes

Fatima Younas

It all started in February when COVID-19 reached Pakistan. In the very initial days, people were underestimating it, calling it a JOKE and a normal flu. The government was doing their best to take precautionary measures but our people never listened and let it spread like flames. On 24th May, I developed a high fever and other mild symptoms but just like others even I ignored those and considered it a normal flu and seasonal fever because in my head I never had contact with a COVID positive patient.

 In daily conversation, I used to tell my friends these symptoms and they advised to get it checked and get tested but I was extremely sure that it’s just seasonal fever. Psychologically, I was already suffering due to the whole lockdown situation. Being a traveller it became toxic for me to stay caged for more than 3 months, I started having anxiety and panic attacks by staying inside and the thought of wondering that how many more days I’ll have to stay in this framework around me, I kept counting these never ending days with ignoring the physical symptoms that I had. At the end of that week I started having fever spikes and other symptoms got prominent, this time I got a feeling too that this might be COVID but I was emotionally too drained to accept it and I wasn’t ready to be quarantined in a room with empty walls around me. Finally, on the next day, the fever stopped and I was relieved for the day but at the evening I had fever spikes again so, I made my mind to get tested.

I got a swab right the next day and by noon I got the result which was positive, I got too anxious and kept thinking about my family that I had contact. But as it’s never too late I immediately quarantined myself and informed those that I had contact with so, in any case they develop relative symptoms, they must get checked immediately. My days started with constant worry and anxiety, I had mixed feelings about everything and I kept thinking that this is how we probably have to live now. Sooner, I realised that all the worry that I’ve will finish me up and being a student of Psychology I knew how dangerous this all is while being physically ill. I started finding ways of being productivity, I’m an artist so, I started painting and doing calligraphy, it helped me a lot to keep myself calm and relax. My symptoms were very mild but it was just the fever that was not leaving me easily but I started living with it. Luckily, I was able to calm myself this time and I realised that we’ve to be ready for everything in life and we’ve to accept all that’s happening around us before it’s too late. COVID-19 was enough to bring powers to its knees, it was a reality check for each of us, it showed us that our belief of being ready for everything is wrong and how much impact a single virus can have.

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