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Mas malala sa COVID-19! Ping bats for removal of those infected by CorrVid-2020 ‘corruptionvirus’ – Latest Philippine politics news today

Amid the recently exposed pattern of overpricing in the Department of Health, the coronavirus disease has indeed mutated into something way worse in the Philippines: the “corruptionvirus,” Sen. Panfilo Lacson said Saturday.

But Lacson said that unlike COVID-19, the corruption disease – which he dubbed Corrvid-20 – can still be “cured” by removing those who are infected with it.

“The coronavirus disease has mutated into a corruptionvirus disease. Unlike the Covid-19 which has no vaccine yet, Corrvid-20 can be cured by removing the infected. If not removed immediately, it can mutate beyond control,” he said in a post on his Twitter account.

Earlier this week, Lacson disclosed a pattern of overpricing at the DOH, one of the main agencies implementing the government’s response against the COVID-19 threat.

He questioned the overprice of items ranging from nucleic acid extractors to swabbing systems and personal protective equipment.

During the hearing of the Senate Committee of the Whole last Tuesday, Lacson bared a glaring discrepancy between the prices of a nucleic acid extractor purchased by the private sector at P1.75 million and that acquired by the DOH at P4 million.

He also cited big differences in the acquisition of swab systems – with DOH spending $32 for each, double the price of those acquired by the private sector. On the other hand, Lacson said there were traces of overprice in the DOH’s acquisition of PPEs..

“So there’s a pattern of overpricing. Not this time, we are in the middle of a crisis. We should not be distracting DOH and other government instrumentalities by conducting an investigation. But I think there should be a day of reckoning on all this,” Lacson said.

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