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A #GlassHalfFull goes a long way in helping to save millions of litres of water

Be it Greta Thurnberg or Malala Yousufzai, it is the youth that has been creating a difference in every sector of the world. The aspiration to bring a change does not depend on the age of an individual. Proving this right is Bengaluru’s Garvita Gulhati, the founder and CEO of ‘Why Waste?’ who is making heads turn with her unique initiative towards water management.  

What is the #GlassHalfFull?  

The Glass Half Full is a small exercise that is taken up by the restaurants, where waiters fill half the water in a customer’s glass. The act sends across the message of how important a small glass of water is and how much of a difference can the half-filled glass can make. According to reports, each customer wastes around 200 ml on every visit to a restaurant leading to a wastage of 14 million liters every year. With this initiative, cutting back on just half the glass, one can save a million liters of water. The ‘Why Waste?’ members have also started to keep tent cards with the message of water conservation. Today, with the help of the National Restaurant Association of India, Garvita Gulhati and her team of schoolmates have successfully led the ‘Glass Half Full’ campaign with a reach over 1 lakh restaurants across the country. The initiative is solely focused on educating the crowd about the necessity to take immediate action for saving the world for future. Garvita Gulhati is the only Indian to be listed among the 60 global changemakers from 42 countries.  

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“When I first visited a restaurant, the manager didn’t even want to look at me because he was like what can a young girl have to do here. Another restaurant that we went to just told me that who do you think you are, a 15-year old trying to give me some advice. Well, people need to accept that young people can also make a difference. That we also have ideas, we also have opinions, we also have solutions to the problems of this world.” – Garvita Gulhati, Founder and CEO, Why Waste?  

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Garvita and her team firmly believe that every small change makes way for a big difference. You can also contribute in making every drop of water count. Take the Har Ek Boond pledge by logging onto or give a missed call on 1800 120 887788 

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