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The fact we have not yet decided what to call this last decade is telling

Historian and journalist Andrew Roberts introduces our look back at the significant events of the past 10 years. Plus, how decade-savvy are you? Take our Review of the Decade Quiz

Decades matter. For all that they logically ought not to, because human events do not move in neat 10-year cycles, they do affect the way we think about the past. For all the clichés flung up by them – the ‘Roaring’ Twenties, ‘Swinging’ Sixties and so on – we tend to measure our history (and often our own lives) in decades. So what will people make of the one now ending, even centuries into the future?

The fact that we have not yet decided even what to call this last decade – the Twentytens? The Twentyteens? – implies…

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