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Mexican Drug Cartels Run Roughshod Over Disarmed Civilians and Ineffective Local Governments

While millions of Americans enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend holiday, the Mexican drug cartels invaded and shot up a small town in a “safe” Mexican state. In the end, twenty-two people died in the violence, including two innocent civilians and four police officers. Plenty more suffered bullet wounds.

The mystery here is…how can this kind of thing happen? Mexico has imposed Beto O’Rourke and Joe Biden-style gun control upon its citizenry. The entire nation south of the Rio Grande has exactly one gun store that sells shotguns and .22 rifles.

To own a firearm, a person has to jump through endless hoops at great expense of time and money in order to apply. The nation has bans on “military caliber” guns, along with magazines. Even possession of a single round of ammunition will earn a person a long prison sentence.

Yet even with all those gun control restrictions in place, violence in Mexico keeps growing worse, with that nation on track to easily exceed 30,000 homicides this year, up from last year’s record carnage.

Even the mainstream American news media have started reporting on the mayhem, albeit irregularly.

From CBS News:

A Mexican border governor said Monday the death toll from a weekend battle between drug cartel members and security forces has risen to 22. Coahuila Governor Miguel Riquelme said two additional gunmen died overnight. He did not say whether they had died of injuries from Saturday’s gunbattle or in subsequent operations.

Police and soldiers have been sweeping the area around Villa Union for those involved. Riquelme told Radio Formula Monday that all hostages have been rescued.

Riquelme said 16 gunmen and four police officers were killed. He said two civilians also were slain by gunmen after being abducted.

A pickup truck with signage identifying affiliation with the “Northeast Cartel” in Mexico. Image via YouTube.

This happened in the a Mexican state considered the third-safest in the nation.  From CBS:

Coahuila state itself has been far from the worst-hit part of Mexico amid violence in recent years. The government census bureau’s survey of public perceptions of security found that Coahuila ranked well this year, with only three other states having a higher public perception of safety.

Just imagine what the most violent state looks like.

Yes, even with the strict, utopian gun control laws that many Democrats so desperately want to see here in America, the violence in “gun-free” Mexico makes the gang-infested neighborhoods in Chicago seem absolutely bucolic.

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube.

The Mexican drug cartels have little or no fear of the police or military.  And certainly not the hard-working, law-abiding civilians, either.

The cartels even openly badge some of their vehicles. Clearly, they not only freely possess even military grade firearms (along with endless supplies of magazines and ammunition) but they also happily use them to violently suppress their opposition.

Interestingly, they prefer American guns…because they work.

Image via YouTube

In a nutshell, the bad guys in Mexico run roughshod over not only the disarmed citizenry but local police as well.

In October, the increasingly bold cartels took on the Mexican federal military and won a decisive victory. Last month, they slaughtered American women and children on the side of the road.

This may change soon as Donald Trump is reportedly considering slapping the terrorist designation on the Mexican drug cartels. While cartel technicals with .50 caliber machine guns mounted in the back terrorize Mexican citizens and non-corrupt local and federal police, they would prove no match for Hellfire missiles or the rest of America’s military might.


In the meantime, the violence south of the border should serve as a real-world example of the utter failure of gun control to reign in violent crime.

Gun control disarms victims, not criminals.

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