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Tories slammed for ‘quietly reinstating Islamophobic councillor’

The Conservative Party has been accused of ignoring Islamophobia after the latest incident
(Picture: David Abbott/Facebook)

The Conservative Party has been criticised for ‘quietly reinstating’ a councillor who made a series of Islamophobic posts, including the claim that British Muslims are ‘breeding for Islam’.

Councillor David Abbott was suspended in April for his anti-Muslim statements in Facebook groups, in which he referred to British Muslims as ‘Mohammedans’.

In another Facebook post written by Mr Abbott, he wrote: ‘Moslems are commanded to do everything in their power, including killing, to rid the world of every person who does not follow Islam.’

The comments at the time were uncovered by ‘MatesJacob’, a Twitter account dedicated to calling out Islamophobia and racism in the Conservative Party.

In a Jacob Rees-Mogg Supporters Group page, which is not officially affiliated with Mr Rees-Mogg, Mr Abbott posted: ‘The philosophy seems to be “breed for Islam”, thus the percentage of the population who follow the “religion of peace” will significantly increase’.

The Conservative Party had suspended Mr Abbott, who was an independent councillor initially, but announced he was a Conservative candidate for the May local elections.

Since the suspension in April, Mr Abbott appears to have been reinstated as a Conservative Councillor.

Mr Abbott had been suspended in April

On the Houghton Regis Town Council website, he is listed as a ‘Conservative’.

A spokesperson for The Muslim Council of Britain said: ‘David Abbott’s comments were offensive and divisive under any circumstance.

‘We have seen little evidence of contrition. By readmitting him into the fold, the Conservatives are effectively condoning his views.

‘The secrecy behind this move is a testament to how wrong the Tories are on this matter’.

They spokesperson added: ‘The Conservative’s longstanding affiliation with Islamophobia is severely problematic for British Muslims, particularly at election time.

‘The Conservative Party must not reinstate David Abbott’s membership, and must launch a standalone, independent inquiry into Islamophobia which it is so deeply plagued with.’

Anjana Patel, who is the Conservative Party’s parliamentary candidate in Brent North

It comes after it was revealed that the Conservative Party was accused of allowing another candidate to stand in the upcoming general election, despite knowing she was embroiled in an Islamophobia scandal.

Anjana Patel, who is the Conservative Party’s parliamentary candidate in Brent North, had previously sent an unprompted tweet to Malala Yousafzai demanding to know ‘how are you going to help?’ after two Hindu girls were allegedly kidnapped, ‘molested and forcibly converted’ to ‘your religion, Islam’, Buzzfeed news reported.

Patel appeared to suggest that the Nobel Prize winner was somehow responsible for the actions of other Muslims.

The Conservative Party and Mr Abbott have been approached for comment.

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