Natural beauty of Utror meadows stuns tourists

Fazal Khaliq| Swat|

MINGORA: The nature lovers and picnickers have lauded the natural beauty of scenic Utror meadows and invited tourists to enjoy visit the area to enjoy its pleasant weather.

They said that Chinaitshing and Kalam meadows with Izmis Jabba in Utror valley were the beautiful tourist spots, offering lush green pastures, thick forests, huge glaciers, spectacular waterfalls and sparkling water lakes to the visitors.

“This is absolutely enchanting resort as hundreds of small streams of crystal clear water flow through the meadows making them look like a heavenly pasture,” said Ikram Khan, a resident of Saidu Sharif, who visited Chinaitshing meadows with his friends.

He said that the natural beauty of the meadows was beyond comparison. “I have no words to describe its natural beauty,” he added.

Chinaitshing meadows are located about 10,500 feet above the sea level at two-hour distance from Utror Bazaar, half of which can be covered through jeep while the last one-hour distance can be covered with a normal hike.

“The adventures begin right from Utror Bazaar when the jeep passes through a stony track along the river and then enters into a thick pine forest. Moving through the thick forest has its own unique charm where people can drink from several water springs having medicinal effects,” said Amjad Ali, another visitor.

He said that it was a memorable trip for him as he experienced something new from other beautiful sites in Swat.

“After covering half of the distance in a jeep through thick forest, we made one-hour hike to Chinaitshing pasture. Once we step on the pasture, everyone was mesmerised by its natural beauty. It is a long pasture surrounded by the peaks of mountains covered with snow. Its carpet grass, adorned with blue and red wild flowers, has magical effect,” said Ziaullah Khan, another visitor to the site.

The visitors to the meadows said that some scenes were so charming and alluring that they gave a look of a high class painting.

“I have started trekking about 20 years before and visited hundreds of meadows, lakes, mountain passes and peaks but I could not finish them. Every time I visit a new site, it leaves me in wonder. I can claim that Swat valley has more than 1,000 scenic sites and it will take 20 more years to explore them,” said Tariq Aziz, a professional trekker in Swat.

He added that Chinaitshing meadows were unique and different from all other meadows.

They, however, requested tourists and visitors to the sites not to spread plastic bags and pollute the area.

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