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Osotsi claims ownership of ANC, threatens to kick out Mudavadi

Power struggles in Musalia Mudavadi’s ANC have taken a new twist after two MPs laid claim to the political outfit and threatened to kick out Mudavadi and his team.

Senator Christopher Malala (Kakamega) and nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi told Mudavadi to look for a political vehicle to run on in 2022 since he is no longer welcome in the party.

This comes after Osotsi was kicked out of the party on Wednesday for failing to toe the line.

“The same mistake he is committing is the same mistake he did with UDF. I would advise him to start looking for a party to run on because ANC has its owners,” Malala said.

“The purported expulsion is null and void. How can you chase someone from a party that is not yours?”

Malala said Osotsi is a bonafide member of ANC and the legitimate secretary general and “is going nowhere”.

Osotsi said anyone who wants to ascertain the real owners of the party should check with the Registrar of Political Parties.

He said he formed ANC in 2015 alongside nine like-minded Kenyans and only roped in Mudavadi after he was kicked out of UDF.

“ANC at the point of registration had 11 members who are not known and who will be known very soon. I have been rattled, those fake meeting they have been having cannot expel me,” Osotsi said.

Malala dared the party to expel him for standing with Osotsi who he maintained is one of the founders of the party.

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