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Swat.Winter in the tribal areas attracts tourists from different parts of the country.The snow capped mountains and the frost covered paths with dew drops clinging from the bows of trees is not less than a miracle.This bewitching serene compels people of cemented places to relieve themselves from the temid and busy life by flocking there.But on the other hand it makes life more challenging for local people.Besides other walks of life education and health sector is severely affected.The former stands satisfactory due to on and off inspection,while the later condition is miserable.This state of affair could be attributed to the inefficiency of PSRA which was passed on 23 June 2017.The act is the victim of many reservations.But the one which could provide it the real spirit is the absence of teachers’ policy.In this harsh weather they have no vacations,similarly they are shown the door if not complied by the malign and unapproved rules and regulations of the private school management.They are not paid white colar salaries despite their hard work.There is no yardstick for their promotion and scale which make them the victim of inferiority complex.This prevailing condition could put at stake the future of many students.The concerned authorities should take action on alarming bases to embark education sector on a royal road.

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