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Swat grand Jirga gave One week deadline to “WAPDA” over power outage issue

By ihsan ullah

Swat: all political parties district leaders’ grand jirga held at swat press club, presided by tehsil nazim and press club president shehzad alam. The grand gathering aim was to address the severe power outage and load shedding trouble, going on since last month. MPA fazal hakim, swat trade federation president abdur Rahim khan, royal family member Sheryar Amir zeb and many other distinguished personalities joined in the jirga .

The Jirga members intensely criticized the offhand and stern load shedding in the scorching weather of Ramzan. The leaders said that common people including businessmen are in hot water due to WAPDA deliberate ruthless load shedding. They also pointed out load shedding at the time of pre-dawn and Iftari and considered it the agonizing attitude of WAPDA personnel’s.

The trade federation president “Abdur Rahim” on mutual consent with the other participants decisively asked government to assure load shedding proper schedule and discontinue it during iftari and sehri. At the end of the meeting a resolution passed in which it was decided to give WAPDA one week deadline for the assurance of all the demands, Subsequently further actions will be taken.

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