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Waterfalls in Swat stun nature lovers

By Fazal khaliq

MINGORA: The local tourists thronged the picturesque Jambil valley to take a break from the daily routine of life and visit four stunning waterfalls in one go.

Located at a distance of 12 kilometres from Mingora, Jambil valley offers much to the nature lovers and tourists. The four waterfalls at the back of Jambil village in the lush green valley are known as Charrai waterfalls.

“The journey towards the waterfalls begins with a 10 minutes steep stairs through the narrow streets of Jambil village, which shortly ends at the pine forest. After 20 minutes of walk through the forest, the first waterfall with milk-white foam water welcomed us where we enjoyed the cool spray of water and got refreshed,” Faisal Saeed, a visitor, told this scribe.

Tourists throng Jambil valley to take break from daily routine

A cascading brook comes out of the base of the waterfall, making the site enchanting where visitors sit and drink cold water to quench their thirst. At a 30 minutes distance from the first waterfall, the second waterfall reaches down the stream that is bigger but shorter than the first one. It falls into a big stream, making a small but beautiful round pool of emerald green water to captivate the visitors.

The second waterfall roars as the water gushing out of the narrow ridge produces music. “This is a roaring waterfall with a round pool where we swam and played with water,” said Abdul Basit, a resident of Mingora.

From the second to third waterfall, the trek is challenging as one has to climb a steep hill, passing through the pine forest and then descending into a magical valley. The waterfall with splashing water flowing in full vigour and surrounded by hillsides stuns the visitors by its mesmerising beauty.

“This is really an amazing and beautiful valley. It is full of stunning and picturesque landscape with trees of yellow and red leaves making the scene coulourful. The site is deep, serene and mystical. I am sure it would have been the spot of some Buddhist monks in the past,” Amjad Sahab, one of the visitors, told this scribe.

The fourth and the biggest waterfall can be reached after a five minute climb from the third one. “It is glorious and mysterious. The gushing water flows in a passion on a huge gray coloured granite rock and then spreads down amid different sized boulders on the ground, making a stream flowing down amid fig trees,” said Tariq Aziz, a nature lover who taking photos at the site.

On the top of the fourth waterfall, there is a fairyland with lush greenery, gushing brooks, trees and black rocks. “The top of the fourth waterfall has no match. It is a heavenly spot with serenity and pleasant environment. It is perfect place for camping,” said Yahya Khan, another tourist.

Published in Dawn

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