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People hit by power outages  flock to river Swat

By Naqash

Mingora:In fizagat the local residence flock to the bank of the river because of the unschedule  load-shedding in the scorching weather.
A visitor from Rajaabad Habibullah  stated that the excessive loadshedding in the sizzling weather compelled us to came out from home along with family.
Ibrar Ahmad another visitor said that his family would stay to the bank of the river till dusk to pass the fasting time in a cool environment.The visitor also criticized the government that they failed to solve this issue specially in the hot weather.
Dr hasnain of saidu sharif observed and said only poor people suffered from the power outages.the swat river is a big source in power outages for poor people to pass the fasting in a relief.
Ayaz safi said
An elderly woman who was enjoying the cold wind of the fizagat river told say writers that i am here for the first time with my daughter and son and realize that this place is much good for passing fasting time here.
Bypass is another spot throng by people not only from the surrounding areas but also from Gulkada and Faizabad area.the people come here and stay till sunset.

Although the government fails to give soothe to the people in the sizzling weather that is why the people use the alternate natural way for passing fasting time till dusk.


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