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Bleak future: School in Mamdherai yet to open for students

By Sherinzada

MINGORA: The provincial government has repeatedly said it is promoting education and implementing reforms in the sector. However, the reality on the ground raises question over these claims.

Mamdherai, once a centre of attention for the world as the hometown of Tehreek-e-Taliban commander Fazalullah, now remains largely ignored. The village is reeling under the aftermath of war. Lack of infrastructure and widespread damage have plagued the region, putting the future of many at risk.

Government Primary School Mamdherai, established in 2013 and consigned to the education department in 2014, remains a vacant and nonfunctional building. Even though the structure stands erect, the school never opened its door to students due to the dearth of staff and faculty.

Speaking to The Express Tribune, Mohammad Zeb, a resident of Mamdherai, who has been the caretaker of the school building over the past three years, said the village has faced adversities since 2008.

“The law and order situation, deterioration of the region ever since militancy soared and subsequent military operations made children in Mamdherai question their educational status,” he said.

Zeb said land for the construction of the school was provided by locals and the education department promised to appoint him as a clerk when the school officially opened.

“Around 15,000 people live in Mamdherai village and unfortunately there is no high school or a school for girls in the area,” he said



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