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Scars of militancy plague peace-loving Swatis

MINGORA: Although normalcy has returned to the scenic valley of Swat, yet scores of people, affected by the militancy, are still facing hardships. Hundreds of widows and orphans have to struggle to get onetime food while there are many more who suffer from the injuries they received during militancy in …

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The wrong mindset to fight terrorism

I had only just sat down to write about the terrorist attacks in Ankara and Istanbul, and was still attempting to fully comprehend the damage inflicted by those attacks, when I found myself watching news reports of the attacks in Brussels. The attack in Ankara was carried out by two …

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Guns and Pens

EVER so often, the country demonstrates its almost unerring ability to either compound tragedy or to turn it into farce. Either indictment can be applied to the event in Peshawar on Tuesday, photographs of which have been circulating: women in bright dupattas drawn tightly over their heads, as custom demands …

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Numerous Women of Lahore joined hands with ISIS

ISLAMABAD: On the morning of September 12, the female principal of a Lahore-based Islamic center left home along with her four children telling her husband that she was going to Kasur for Dars-e-Quran but never returned. A week later, Khalid felt relieved on receiving a call from his wife. Bushra …

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Khursheed Shah says Jewish lobby behind terrorism

“Muslims are not terrorists. The present terrorism is sponsored by a Jewish lobby in the guise of Muslims,” he told lawyers during a Swat District Bar Association function in Swat. Khursheed Shah said it was PPP leader and Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, who strengthened the ‘broken and defeated’ Pakistan …

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