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BY HABIB ULLAH Swat.Winter in the tribal areas attracts tourists from different parts of the country.The snow capped mountains and the frost covered paths with dew drops clinging from the bows of trees is not less than a miracle.This bewitching serene compels people of cemented places to relieve themselves from …

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Marks game:The demise of quality

By: Ihsan Ullah Khan The taboos become an acceptable norm, the sin is contemplated as virtue and the crime gets impunity when it comes to personal voracity and business. Quality education is deemed to be the most significant organ for any nation’s development but in Pakistan we are less likely …

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Let’s bury another daughter

At the same time that two Pakistani/Pakistani-origin women were being feted for their extraordinary achievements, a third was so despondent regarding the road blocks in her path to an education that she was taking her own life. Yes, this is a tragic paradox called Pakistan. Reminiscent of Dickens’s A Tale …

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Guns and Pens

EVER so often, the country demonstrates its almost unerring ability to either compound tragedy or to turn it into farce. Either indictment can be applied to the event in Peshawar on Tuesday, photographs of which have been circulating: women in bright dupattas drawn tightly over their heads, as custom demands …

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Educated militants

HAJRAH MUMTAZ.   SEVERAL years ago, an international newspaper compiled a list of the names of some 15 or 20 militants from different parts of the world, tried and convicted for involvement in various terror attacks. It gave merely their names, the atrocity they helped perpetrate, and their field of …

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