Wednesday , January 16 2019

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Dwayne Johnson reveals truth behind ‘fabricated’ interview

America actor Dwayne Johnson accused a British tabloid publication for presenting fake interview, stating that the interview never happened. ‘The Rock’ star took to his Twitter handle to reveal the truth of publication which quoted the star as, ‘smacking down snowflakes,’ Johnson shared a video on Instagram stating, “I can’t …

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Nepotism, harassment words showbiz popularised in 2017

Indian politicians have been infamous for promoting their children up the ladder but trust Bollywood to popularise the term ‘nepotism’. However, this was not the only word that made headlines as the film industry had its moment of reckoning with the Harvey Weinstein scandal exploding in Hollywood and terms such …

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Umrah pilgrims unable to board PIA flight

RAWALPINDI: Eighty pilgrims were stopped from boarding a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight for Umrah because their seats had not been confirmed, but half of them were allowed to travel after their travel agent paid for their tickets. PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar told Dawn that a travel agent from Lahore …

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