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Depression tied to shorter lifespan

(web desk)People who suffer from depression may not live as long as individuals who don’t experience this mental health disorder, a Canadian study suggests. Researchers examined six decades of mental health and mortality data on 3,410 adults during three time periods: 1952 to 1967, 1968 to 1990 and 1991 to …

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How Fast You Walk May Predict Early Signs Of Dementia

he way we walk can say a lot about us; fast walkers are seen as individuals with high energy, while slow walkers are seen as more relaxed. Our gait can reveal more than just our personality – it may also predict our brain health. A recent study published inNeurology suggests there’s a link between walking …

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Is Trump committing war crimes in Iraq and Syria?

Civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria have reportedly spiked since Trump took power. What is going on? “Donald Trump on terrorists: ‘Take out their families’.” Such headlines began to surface as early as December 2015, when the real estate tycoon accelerated his presidential campaign. Donald Trump was emphatic, as clear in his …

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