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Four hydropower projects proposed for KPK budget 2019-20

PESHAWAR: To cater the growing electricity demands of the people of province, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Energy Department has proposed four mega hydropower projects (HPP) with a total capacity of 496 megawatt and establishment of state-of-the-art Petroleum Institute at Karak for provincial budget 2019-20 that would be announced on June 18.

These projects include construction of 496MW Spotgah HPP in Kohistan, 157 MW Maidan HPP Swat costing Rs 65 billion, 188MW Naran HPP in Mansehra and 96MW Batakundi HPP in Mansehra besides setting up a Patrolum Instute at Karak district, a senior official in the energy department told APP.

He said a total of 14 new projects were proposed for the Annual Development Program (ADP) 2019-20 with main focus on construction of new hydropower projects, institutes and setting up of the province own Provincial Transmission and Dispatch Company (PT&DC) for transmission of electricity from newly construction units to the national grid on fast track basis.

He said the new projects proposed for budget 2019-20 includes construction of 496MW Spat-Gah hydropower project (HPP) in Kohistan under Public Private Partnership (PPP) and 188MW Naran HPP at Manshera costing Rs70 billion and 157MW Maidan HPP in Swat costing Rs 65billion under PPP and Independent Power Producers (IPP).

Another mega project which would be included in ADP include the purchase of land for establishment of a state-of the art Petroleum Institute of Technology at Karak with an estimated cost of Rs 20 million besides construction of 96MW Batakundi HPP in Manshera costing Rs 40 billion and building of more hydropower projects at suitable places with an estimated cost of Rs 30 billion in different districts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

Feasibility studies would be carried out for establishment of wind energy units with a cost of Rs 150 million and raising of KP’s own Provincial Transmission and Dispatch Company (PT&DC) for quick transmission of electricity from completed hydropower projects to the national grid for consumption of consumers, agriculture and industrial units.

Swat river cascade study would be conducted with an estimated cost of Rs 50 million whereas feasibility study for power evacuation from Chitral to Chakdara Lower Dir grid station would cost Rs 300 million.

Purchase of land and Project Management Organization (PMO) for three number HPPs would be conducted with an estimated cost of Rs 4,000 million whereas Khyber Pakthunkhwa hydro development project i.e. Kalkot Barikot Pattrak HPP of 47 MW and Patrak-Shringal 22MW, conducting of seismic study, exploration and production of Lakki Petroleum Concession Block and purchase of land for construction of access roads to power projects costing Rs 15 billion have been proposed for ADP 2019-20.

A total of 27 ongoing projects would continue in the upcoming fiscal year include construction of micro hydro projects (MHP) on rivers and tributaries costing Rs 1,1465 million, MHP on canals costing Rs 4,351MW and solarization of schools and basic health units besides solar electrification of 4,000 mosques in KP. The solarization of schools and health units besides mosques will help conserve energy besides bring improvement an electricity voltage and minimize load shedding in the province.

The others ongoing projects are detailed designs and construction of 6.5MW Mujahadin HPP on River Barando in Torghar district along with carrying out of transmission line with total cost of Rs 4195 million, restructuring of Electric Inspectorate of the Energy and Power Development KP, construction and completion of remaining mini macro-hydropower projects under 365MMHPPs with total capacity of 35.6MW costing Rs 52,550 million and electrification of un-electrified villages through solar and alternate energy resources in remaining districts costing approximately Rs 325.5 million of Khyber Pakthunkhwa.

A lot of energy is being wasted, mostly in rural areas, due to direct hook from transmission lines making the entire electricity system overloaded, which often causes low voltage, fluctuations and electricity break down. The villages once converted on solar and other energy resources would help arrest the problems of energy shortfall besides provide affordable electricity to consumers at reasonable prices.

More than 80 percent work on mini macro hydropower projects in 12 different districts of the province have been completed and work on the remaining projects were in full swing, adding issues like litigation, financial and harsh weather conditions are major causes of delay in the remaining mini macro hydropower power projects.

Construction of 10 mini macro hydropower projects on canals costing Rs 19.9 million, solarization of Chief Minister’s Secretariat and CM House, rehabilitation of Reshan HPP costing Rs 806.5 million, development of renewable energy in KP, purchase of land for hydel projects costing Rs 2,160.85 million, feasibility studies for potential raw sites with three schemes having capacity of 965MW including Kari Mushkur Chitral 446MW, Gabral Kalam 110MW and Torcamp Godubar Chitral 409MW, solarization of remaining departments of civil secretariat and electrification of 100 villages through solar and alternate energy resources costing Rs 241 million would continue in the financial year 2019-20.

Other ongoing mega projects to be part of ADP 2019-20 include Lawi HPP 69MW Chitral with total cost of Rs20087.50 million, construction of Jabori HPP of 10 MW costing Rs 3,798 million, construction of Balakot HPP of 300MW in Manshera costing Rs 85,912.9 million and the purchase of land and PMU Balakot HPP 300MW costing Rs 1,934.68 million and solarization of 440 mosques in union councils PK-70 and PK-71 Peshawar.

The KP Energy Department will continue others programs like capacity building programs in energy and power sector, construction of Karora HPP in Shangla and Mataltan-Gorkin HPP in Swat of 84MW costing Rs 20,722.9 million, construction of Koto HPP of 40.8MW costing Rs 13,998.9 million, purchase of land for Lawi HPP of 69MW in Chitral and for Mataltan HPPP Swat 84MW.

The officials said these projects were discussed at length with officials of Planning and Development Departments and would be included in budget 2019-20. The completion of these projects would help bring tremendous growth in agriculture and industrial growth besides promote infant industries and overall exports of the country.

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