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Yesterday’s Ipoh trackwork, Latest Racing News


COSMO C STAKES – 1,400m: Slow work: Platinum Life *. Pendragon Princess *. Sing Express.

Tuesday: Platinum Life * trot/36.6. Just Name It canter/41.4. Pendragon Princess * 41.4. Sing Express gallop.

CLASS 4 (B) – 1,200m: Slow work: All Serene. I Am Midas.

Tuesday: Multiblue Tosca 40.2. Field Force gallop. Asprey canter/42.2. Bercham barrier/37.6. Raiden Hero 37.2.

CLASS 5 (A) – 1,200m: Slow work: Neverunconditional.

Tuesday: Triple One D’Great 36.7. My Aim 41.8. Cherish 38.8. Neverunconditional 38. Super Dan trot/gallop.

CLASS 5 (B) – 1,200m: Slow work: Powerful Star. Don’t Forget This *.

Tuesday: Powerful Star 39. Don’t Forget This * 39.2. Thong’s Jiaqing 40.

CLASS 5 (A) – 1,400m: Slow work: Keen Dragon. Mr Dreyfuss. Power Express.

Tuesday: Keen Dragon gallop. Mr Dreyfuss pace work. Power Express 39.2. *appy Valley 38.2. Ramifications 39.9. In Full Bloom barrier/38. Archer Company barrier/36.7. Golden Empire pace work.

CLASS 5 (B) – 1,400m: Slow work: Acipenser *.

Tuesday: Butch Cassidy 38.2. Dawn Prospect 40. Mayweather * barrier/37. Deputy Law 38.6. Racing Man barrier practice.

RESTRICTED MAIDEN – 1,200m: Slow work: Doctor Ginger *. Who’s The Boss.

Tuesday: Ipoh Dash barrier/ 37.6. Doctor Ginger gallop. Money & Me barrier/38. Lady Lakshmi 39.2. Queen Force pace work. Ray Of Hope barrier/36.8.


ENRIC* STAKES A – 1,200m: Slow work: Grand Cross *. Laus Deo.

Tuesday: Grand Cross gallop. Black And White * 42. Littlebitofjoy * 40.8. Multiblue Rancho * 38.2.

CLASS 4 (A) – 1,200m: Slow work: Frankly My Dear. For Fun Only.

Tuesday: Belt And Road 39. Frankly My Dear 39.2. Multiblue Eagle barrier/37.6. For Fun Only 36.6. Pisces Star 36.4.

CLASS 4 (B) – 1,200m: Lively Dragon pace work. Proud Pinoy 43.8.

Slow work: Champagne Rein. Party Girl.

Tuesday: Champagne Rein pace work. Party Girl 43.8. Over Limits canter/39. King Force canter/39.

CLASS 4 (A) – 1,400m: Slow work: Bristol Diamond. Brave Malala. Leon *.

Tuesday: Luck Happy 44. Brave Malala 41. Leon 42. Discretely Red 37.2. Aspen 40. Second Chance * 37.2. King Power * 41.8.

Slow work: Flying Darci. Bristol Diamond. Tic Tac Toe.

CLASS 4 (B) – 1,400m: Slow work: *appy Sixtysix. Sing Darci.

Tuesday: Star Choice * 39. Alasamo 37. Mastro Geppetto 40.2. Double Rainbow 41.9. Sing Darci * 37.3. Anghiari * 39. Iking canter/37.8.

Slow work: Darci Super.

CLASS 5 (A) – 1,200m: Slow work: *ello Sayang. Sing Roulette.

Tuesday: Classic King pace work. You Are Genius 39. Sing Roulette * 40.2. *ighland Falcon 39. Peach Bowl canter/pace work.

Slow work: Elaine Lover.

CLASS 5 (A) – 1,400m: Slow work: The Millionaire. Master Jiangmen.

Tuesday: The Millionaire * 39.2. Colorado Prince * 36.5. Master Jiangmen pace work. Ultimate *ero * 43.8. Snow Dancer 43.2. Empire Bay canter/39.

CLASS 5 (A) – 1,600m: Slow work: King Win *. Sing Energy. Luck Dragon.

Tuesday: King Win pace work. Purple Rain Lady * 37.2. Sangkuriang canter/38. Sing Energy 37.3. Luck Dragon * 43.8. Jetstar Eagle 41.

CLASS 5 (B) – 1,600m: Slow work: Grand Show. Messi.

Tuesday: Polo Master barrier/36.7. Jackwin 41. Glory Age canter/39.6. Napoleon * canter/36.5. Grand Show pace work. Messi 41. Aprobacion canter/39.

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