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Raila Jubilee support trigger jitters in ODM

Last week, Uhuru revealed that Raila advises him on a number of issues in government.

“When it comes to health, this is what we need to do. What is this issue of digitising our records and what is it about? We sit, we discuss, we agree. He also gives me ideas that enhance something and make it even better. Now, what’s wrong with that?” an agitated Uhuru hit out at his critics.

However, Nairobi University don Herman Manyora disagree that Raila’s brand will be ruined by his new political moves.

“Raila is operating under unique the dynamics of the handshake. This is a completely a new ball game. And now that Kenyan politics are not issue-based I don’t see his image suffering a beating,” he stated.

Alego Usonga MP Samuel Atandi claimed the political lines between ODM and Jubilee were blurred by the handshake.

He said Raila is accompanying Uhuru to Beijing because of his role as African Union Envoy on Infrastructure.

“Right now there is nothing like Jubilee and ODM. All of us want Kenya to prosper. That is the reason why the President extended a hand to Raila. The President is consulting all stakeholders in the country,” he told the Star.

He said that the extension of SGR to Kisumu was actually Nyanza leaders’ initiative to open up the entire region.

Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala defended Raila’s latest political moves saying the opposition leader was carving out his legacy.

“I remember people were condemning him for opposing everything. Now that he is working with the current establishment, the same people who were condemning him for opposing are now condemning him for working with the government to do development,” Malala said.

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