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Struggle, Faith and Divine Decrees

  1. By Habib ullah

Escapism has no room in real life. Neither religion nor material knowledge preaches it. Conversely, it is the yardstick for mysticism and worldly success. Many enigmas in the pattern of mysticism are arrayed through it. To compare it with the extrication from time and space would not be wrong. Leonardo Divinchi Michal Angelo, saint Bistami, shams of Tabriz, Lila Majno etc are some of the names still remembered because they were not shackled in the captivity of time and space. They free their inner self from the outer forge and stingy stature.

The beauty of Yousaf made the women cut their fingers without knowing. They did it so because they were for a time being free from the conundrum of time and space. Similarly, the life after hereafter will be eternal because it would not be bound in the chain of time and space.To grab the art of freeing oneself and make time and space subjugate one must go through the set norms.  These are triangular; Connected with one another. They are faith struggle and Divine decree.

In every walk of life, faith is the fundamental principle; faith in God and faith in oneself. Faith frees a person from the commotions commotion. It allows us to avoid polemics and move towards our goal. Words hurt more than action is a maxim that could be related to this first rationale.

Faith will lead us to struggle. In fact, it is  faith which rescues us from deviation and keep us on the road of struggle. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  had faith in God he was not reluctant to avoid his rivals and has humongous struggle to earn divine decrees in has favour. Nelson Mandela,Mao and cheguera also adopted the same formula.

Faith and struggle will turn the epiphanies to your side. The cliché  “ God helps those who themselves” could be regarded as the conclusion of faith and struggle.

The dredging of these 3 produce people of history. The reason behind living in ordinary life is the missing chain in the stated rationale. To live a never-ending life one must cohabitate these three.

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