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More eggs than the Nato: Why Greta Thunberg is fighting for a better future

sits A couple of hours after Greta Thunberg has said time and again that the most powerful people in the world in the face, what they are for losers, you in a road train somewhere in the Swiss Alps and thinking about your homework. Until she is back in her school in Stockholm, she needs to do the math and ethics. Greta turns her braids in his fingers and looks out the window. Out post card by pull motives. Greta narrows his eyes. As you would have enough for the first time. Of the shining mountains. The snow-covered huts. But above all: the Theater of the past three days.

In ethics she was quite well, because you gained a bit of experience, says Greta, the star Reporter, and for a Moment thinks that a Smile would flash in your face. But this is lesson one on the topic of Greta Thunberg, that girl has made up her mind to save the world, the ten brings thousands of students around the world to exchange on Fridays to school with the street and demonstrate against climate destruction – lesson one is: Greta Thunberg smiles.

phenomenon Greta Thunberg

Responsible for the Smile in the lap of the man next to her, Svante Thunberg, the father. He is a friendly man with a pigtail and beard At the next table in the restaurant on Board, he is just engrossed in a conversation with the Boss of Greenpeace. Greta and he have made in the past few months, many important people, for example, Al Gore, and as of this morning, Christine Lagarde. Now you are on the way from the world economic forum in Davos back to Stockholm. The 24 hour train journey in front of you, because Greta refuses reasons to fly from air-conditioning. Greta has a strong will. For some time your whole family therefore lives vegan and only train.


Tony Chung, 17, Hong Kong

You are fighting with other young people for an independent Hong Kong. Why?

Because Hong Kong can’t remain in Hong Kong. The language, the politics, the money from China seep in through every crack to us. The only solution is independence.

your protests are not dangerous. Can you go to China?

of Course not! So I was already been there for years. In the fall, the parents of two were from our group in China and were arrested. As A Warning. You should bring your children to the “nonsense” to stop.

are you also in Hong Kong under pressure?

a few weeks Ago, I’ve been knocked down. I was just out of the house, I noticed that two types of pursued. I turned around and – boom. The then ran away, the police could not find, of course. I’m pretty sure that the were paid.

Make your parents Worry about you?

My parents were not interested in politics. What do I do politically, you don’t care, as long as I’m good in school.

How did you come to hire you?

I supported the 2016 elections in Hong Kong, a candidate who is committed to autonomy. I thought that was pretty great. And then we were all, of course, inspired by the umbrella Revolution …

… as of 2014, protesters for weeks the city occupied, to force free elections …

… Yes, exactly. The leader Joshua Wong was only 18. We thought at the time if Joshua can do it, why can’t we?

©Alex Hofford/REX

But the past three days, you can see that in the face of the father, have the force of cost – Greta looks stoic and calm, as is often the case. At the height of the madness, Greta was sitting at an intersection in Davos in the snow, and held up her protest sign. Around you a couple of pimply Swiss students and 50 journalists from all over the world, who all wanted to have the best picture of her.

to understand the phenomenon and the influence of Greta Thunberg, one must know a few things about you. She is 16 years old, but because of their 1.50 meters, and the Pippi-Longstocking-braids more like eleven. She has Asperger’s syndrome, a Form of autism. People with Asperger’s are often highly intelligent but have difficulty with social relationships, and process sensory stimuli differently. Some tend to be enthusiastic about almost obsessively for individual topics.

The story, as Greta started it all, she has told often. She was barely ten years old when she learned in the classroom for the first Time by climate change. She could not understand why people did something, that was for you so bad. She read book after book, until the Whole fell into a Depression. To speak to Greta stopped, went out and ate less and less. Her parents were concerned, and spoke with her and changed the rest of their life. Inspired by the power that she had managed to change the lives of their family, painted Greta Thunberg in August 2018, a sign that read, “school strike for the climate.” So she moved in front of the Swedish Parliament, where they have demonstrated since then, every Friday. Your parents and teachers wanted to stop you, but Greta went on. Today is your Protest as a model for students in all over the world, in Australia, in Canada and Switzerland, also in Germany.



Ragna, Linus, Ronja and Florian: you cut classes in order to save the world

Florian Fischer is one of those of Thunberg delight. On the same day, as Greta will take the train back to Stockholm, he stands in Berlin in front of the Chancellery. Fischer, a ten-day beard, Dutt and teen heartthrob grin, with his 19 years. He is taller than most around him, his voice is deeper, his Beard does not exist. Fischer came to Berlin to demonstrate with Thousands against climate destruction.

“Fridays for Future”

Florian Fischer stumbled “so pure” in all of this, he says. In this organization, which is now the centre of his life: “Fridays for Future”. In these Demos, in Erlangen, to which hundreds of young people come in and the he now organizes itself.

Fischer had long been frustrated in how it goes in this world. If there was a Demo at home in Erlangen, when the weather was good, then he went. But to him, the reference was missing.


Tanya Arackal, 19, Leeds

You fight against Brexit. How did it come about? What drives dich?

I’ve just been studying in the poorer North of England, and the organization that wants a re-vote, was looking for people exactly from there. You don’t want to no longer apply to you only as a London Elite. But socially engaged I’m a very long time. I regularly visit young people in socially weak regions. The often feel totally incapacitated. That’s why so many of you for the Brexit.

You have Indian roots. The plays a role?

of Course. I have been fighting for years for the rights of minority women. But the Brexit is now all young people.

You get the impression that Britain has lost itself completely. There’s a huge crack in the Land.

And so much anger! The other day I was a guest at a debate on Channel 4, at the end it was just about who could be the loudest scream. And then the racism is there. Two weeks ago I spoke on a Demo, the next day, I got to hear on Twitter, I have to go “back home” – but my home is here.

you Are one of the politicians, disappointed?

The Conservatives, only their own Egos. On the Left, in turn, there is Jeremy Corbyn, who was always against the EU and now believes, on the back of this crisis, new elections, force. I found Corbyn, like many of us, young. But he lost because he ignored our Concerns.

But do you really believe that there could be a new Referendum?

There’s no other Option. It is time that decision, to the now, hopefully, better informed people to return.

And if the majority agreed to re-exit for the EU?

Then we have to live with it.

©Gary Calton/star

Eventually, he saw Greta Thunberg on the Internet and thought: “that’s Exactly how it is!” And as his friends told them that the movement spilled over to Germany: “I want to be there!” Fischer, drumming, people, phoned, wrote, phoned, wrote. A little later 700 people were on a Friday at the Huguenot course in Erlangen and whistles.

A week later, people on a place and whistling and hollering and clapping. This Time, there are thousands, and you stand in front of the Chancellery in Berlin. Many drove hundreds of kilometers through Germany, 70 of them came with fishermen from Erlangen. 15. March is supposed to give it to the next big March on the Chancellery. Florian Fischer will come back: “It can’t be that old people decide what applies especially to the young.”

Politically disinterested – this is the stereotype of today’s Teenagers, however, covered up this image that young people like Florian Fischer, thinks the Generation from about 1996-Born often of a political, self-centered less than in the past. In this case, this “Generation Z benefits”, as it was baptized by sociologists, in contrast to the predecessors of the “Generation Y”, also from the upheavals on the labour market. Today, many industries hands look desperately young. The optimization of the life cycle is not to improve the sole objective, but also the world. Thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp, at least, demonstrations are organized for this within a few hours.

The climate saviors of Berlin in a long historical series of protest children and Teenagers. Already in 1903, children of workers went to Philadelphia on the road. Your claim: “We want to be in school, not in the mining industry”. Five decades later, the nine African-American Teenagers ventured into a hitherto purely white high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Although the Supreme court had prohibited the racial segregation, the soldiers had to escort the nine into the building. Several Hundred white students they were screaming hateful. Her fight for the school visit was a milestone in the civil rights movement.


The most tragic of student uprisings experienced in South Africa. As the racist Regime wanted to displace the mid-70s, the African languages from the teaching, let the mood in the country will explode. 16. June 1976 form of the 20,000 students to a protest March through the Township of Soweto in Johannesburg. Police shot at the children, but the rebellions attacked more and more, – the end had come according to official figures, 575 people died. The government had won militarily. For the Reputation of South Africa, but Soweto was a Disaster, the Regime never fully recovered. “Power of innocence” – that sociologists have described the underlying principle. Children and young people act fresh, your anger is authentic. Your goals may be utopian, but the Belief is honest.


Graciela Gorez, 11, Ghana

“I call myself a ‘child President’, children’s President, because I believe that we have to play kids for the adult politicians have no role at all. I fight mainly against corruption. We in Ghana like in some other countries in Africa is a very big Problem. Every Monday I take a broadcast that is sent on Facebook and Youtube. An organization that fights against corruption, helps me. I am speaking, for example, politicians who think more of themselves than to our country. Meanwhile, reports in Newspapers, even on my shipments. I want to be but not a politician. My dream is to work as a pilot, of which there is not with us in Ghana, so many. But me, I want to get involved, of course.”


the So liked it will appear utopian, as in the past year, a dozen students landed after the rampage of Parkland with the gun lobby – but few doubted that it was these young people seriously. And also Greta Thun Berg’s 50-hour train ride likes to be ridiculed, to Davos – hardly anyone is questioning that it is authentic in their concern.

The befremdeter the Public reacts, if you have the impression that children are controlled. Critics of the use of this edge is sent, also in the case of Greta Thunberg. The rights portal, “Tichy’s insight”, the incorrigible climate change deniers is to provide a Forum says they are to be used by the media as a “Propaganda Instrument”.

So absurd that, in the case of barely controllable Thunberg may be – the danger that the idealism of children is exploited, and in part, is real, even if it is the good thing. The example shows the well-known Teenager icon of our time, Malala Yousafzai. Since early Childhood her father, a teacher, built to the symbolic figure of his Kampfes for education for girls. He initiated the first contacts with journalists. In 2009, the twelve-year-old in a documentary film says: “I must be a politician to save this country. It is the dream of my father.” Actually, she wanted to be a Doctor, dear. Three years later, Malala had become a private Blog for the BBC – shooting the Taliban in the head. A skull-OP in the UK to save her life.


A freezing cold Morning in Berlin. Many young people are on the go, you want to the Friday Demo. In the star office not far from the Reichstag, some of them meet for a conversation. You have little time, Ragna Diederichs , 18 (m.), has yet to hold a speech, Linus Steinmetz , 15 (R), was invited by the coal Commission. What they all have in common: the feeling that finally something is moving in Germany. And Proud to be a part of this movement. Read the Interview here.

©Philipp von Ditfurth/star

Even while she is in Birmingham at the hospital, one of the most exclusive PR agencies-Edelman – you as a client without a fee. Her father in professionals caring for the image of the care to clients such as Starbucks are now. They build up the student from the hospital bed to the icon. As she receives the 2014 Nobel peace prize, the 17-year-old Malala become a global brand. Malala stands behind the concerns that she represents, she is a strong young woman, the visitors and listeners often impresses deeply, not a puppet. And yet: The shy girl from the Swat valley, wanted to be a Doctor, there is no more.

“More eggs than Nato,”

in the glow of Greta Thunberg, the prominence of which, however, leads to debunking of the scenes in Davos last week, basking in the meantime. On her second day there, Greta is sitting in an exclusive lap at Lunch. Expensive suits, wine, grilled salmon. You drink from her metal bottle and to look without emotion on the stage, Bono, of the Black Eyed Peas and the Primatologist Jane Goodall on the future of the mankind entertain.

At the conclusion of the event, the presenter comes up to you. Greta takes the microphone and narrows his eyes. “Some people say that the climate crisis is something that we all have created. However, if everyone is guilty, nobody is responsible. But there are Responsible businesses and decision-makers, who knew exactly what priceless things they have to sacrifice unimaginable to amass wealth. I think many of you here today belong to this group,” says Thunberg, with a clear and effortless voice. The audience supports short, then there is applause.

At the entrance stands a woman with a pearl necklace. “God, this girl,” she says. “Who has more eggs than the Nato.”

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