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Marks game:The demise of quality

By: Ihsan Ullah Khan

The taboos become an acceptable norm, the sin is contemplated as virtue and the crime gets impunity when it comes to personal voracity and business. Quality education is deemed to be the most significant organ for any nation’s development but in Pakistan we are less likely to endorse this fact rather inclined towards quantity in education just to accomplish short term goals. Coupled with myriad of other dilemmas “Cheating in exams” particularly in private Schools and colleges is the greatest impediment in the path of quality education. The slogan of cheating in exam and secure bundle of marks is satisfactory for both parents and other stake holders of our society. This abuse is ingrained quite expertly by the manipulators and turned into momentous trait in the culture of our educational institutions.

For students this evil has become an adventure and means to accomplish desired grades in exams. Many incapable students consider this malpractice a great source of relief to disguise their failures but the question is What about those students who work from dawn to dusk and scratch bones? Can a capable and incompetent be treated equal? logically not but in the perspective of business private institutions provide them this opportunity and explicitly violate the rights of brilliant students. paradoxically private institutions consume too much energy to train their students for Board exams but when they eventually get ready for the juncture, ready made materials are transferred to Hall where both competent and incompetent are served indiscriminately. The only reason for owner of private institutions to accept the responsibility of this immorality is merely a business, A business of attracting students if college or school reveal good result. Fear of failure, peer pressure, fierce competition and unequal opportunities push students to adopt cheating in exams as a behavior and they try to excel at that.

Another aspect of this quandary is that of teachers’ involvement in the dirty game of cheating. Numerous explanations require to expose this involvement, first teachers are actually employs of the private institution, so they receive directions from the authorities to prepare cheating materials for the student, Secondly some teachers don’t have command over their subjects and spoil the time of students that’s why they motivate students to take from cheating materials and last but not the least the underpaid teachers are expected to produce hundred percent results in annual exam every year otherwise they will lose their job. The regulatory authorities, for instance Boards are equally responsible for this evil act because the staff they hire in exams are most probably corrupt and private institutions owner can easily buy them like a commodity in the market. Before entering to Hall, they submit a list of demands which is accepted optimistically by the management of the particular institution.

The true essence of examinations is to determine the extent to which student has learned the contents of course. cheating in exams have very serious repercussions, in short term it yields desired outcomes for the students but in long term it is a gigantic threat not only to students’ individual life but for the entire nation. We will never produce great Scientists, Researchers, Doctors, professors and engineers if approach to education is the same as mentioned.

The writer is an independent blogger: ihsan.khan0102@gmail.com


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