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Netizens respond to govt-led ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched ‘Pakistan Citizen Portal’ with an aim to timely address problems of the people and get their feedback.

The portal is a simple tool that allows citizens to register themselves through an app and send their complaints to the concerned government departments.

The government-led app has already gripped a score of reviews lauding the government over the initiative and cited it as their big achievement towards a developed Pakistan.

“It’s very helpful for common man. Thank you very much PM great Imran khan”, one user wrote in the review section, while another commended the prime minister for the convenient measure taken to relieve the poor people.

Another five-star rater wrote: “This is very good attempt from IK and team. Hope it will work and minimise corruption”.

“Great initiative from the IK already used KP citizen portal very satisfied from that one and I hope that this will be like KP portal”, another stated.

“This is very useful app, 5 stars to PTI Govt for taking this initiative; i hope Pakistani citizen will use this app positively. I hope people won’t use this app to exploit or blackmail some official… Want to add one more thing for app developer that in future there gonna be heavy load on this app pls develop it accordingly.. App is little slow while updating the particulars in profile option,” another wrote.

While legions of users have anticipated the app, others are hoping that the complaints actually be looked upon to with proper implementation to the solutions.

“Just installed, hopefully it’ll be a great step to solve public issues,” a user commented.

Aside the technical glitches owing to the massive  traffic, here’s what you can  do with it.

The application allows citizens to register their complaints about multiple sectors of service delivery.

Citizens can also provide feedback and rate their complaint resolution to inform authorities in case if complaint is not resolved to their level of satisfaction.

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