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Bilawal says PPP stopped Nawaz’s ‘Zia alliance’ in Senate elections – Pakistan

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, while addressing a rally in Kotli Sattian tehsil on Sunday, gloated over PML-N’s loss in the Senate elections, saying the opposition had defeated the ruling party’s “Zia alliance” in the upper house.

“You [PML-N leadership] used to say ‘rok sako to rok lo’ (stop us if you can),” recalled Bilawal. “Look, we have stopped you.”

He berated Nawaz Sharif for terming PML-N’s defeat in the Senate elections as a “defeat for democracy”, saying that the former prime minister had tied democracy with his own victory and defeat.

Referring to Sharif’s statement that came right after Sadiq Sanjarani defeated PML-N’s Raja Zafarul Haq in the elections for Senate chairman — where he referred to the opposition parties as “wound-up toys” — Bilawal said that the former premier himself was the “toy”. He claimed that Sharif’s entire politics was based on using power to his advantage.

The PPP chairman said that the Balochistan Assembly had passed a no-confidence motion against PML-N’s government because of lack of development in Balochistan under the ruling party’s administration.

“Were they wound-up toys too?” he asked.

In his tirade, Bilawal also targeted Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s Chairman Imran Khan, saying that the former cricketer had “given nothing to the country except curse words and taken nothing but U-turns”.

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