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Tahirul Qadri rails against Sharif family’s ‘undemocratic past’ in fiery address to APC – Pakistan

The Model Town incident and Nawaz Sharif’s rallying cry of “mujhe kyun nikala” will be discussed in the ‘All Party Conference’ (APC) called by Tahirul Qadri on Saturday, the Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chief told the media as he commenced discussions.

Addressing the press, Qadri welcomed the parties who had joined him, claiming that representatives of more than 40 were in attendance.

“The political parties gathered here today have different ideologies and agendas, but are brought together today on a single point,” he said, referring to the Model Town incident which took place in 2014.

“The blood of the innocent people killed in the incident is what unites us today,” he added.

He also accused ousted premier Nawaz Sharif and his family of “investing in politics” using bribery as a means to buy loyalty and establishing a “political dynasty” that was being dominated by one man.

“You bought your MPAs and MNAs by sending them briefcases full of money, can you — Nawaz and Shahbaz — deny doing that? Is this your democracy?” he asked as he railed against the family.

“I have seen Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s time and I have not ever been a part of PPP and yet I say political horsetrading never existed in his time,” Qadri said.

Moving back to the Model Town incident, Qadri said, “You (the Sharifs) ordered the police to open fire on people and then tell us to go to courts to get justice? Till you are in power, there can be no justice.”

“Your character has been revealed in the Panama Papers case and now you are planning to run away and leave Pakistan, which is why you are seeking help from foreign powers,” Qadri said while accusing the Sharifs of visiting Saudi Arabia to enlist the help of ‘old friends’ to get them out of the current situation.

He added: “However, they can not save you now, nothing can save you now.”

“You accuse these political parties that have gathered here today to be using each other’s support to forward each other’s agenda, my question is, who is using Saudi Arabia’s support to forward their own agenda, based on their own gains?” the PAT chief said adding that Nawaz Sharif, who keeps asking ‘mujhe kyun nikala’, was sent packing because of his own doings.

He added: “Your past is catching up with you and are getting what you deserve.”

Concluding his address, Qadri told the media that the parties would now discuss their future course of action in camera, after which the media will be briefed about the developments.

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