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Making human rights a reality

By Gulranga Ali

All human beings are provided with fundamental rights without any discrimination by national as well international laws. Beside s, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the constitution of Pakistan also provides fundamental rights to its citizens, described in the Article 8 to Article 28 of the 1973 Constitution.

A great worth is given to human rights by the constitution for which a whole chapter is dedicated. If some rights are felt missing in the particular chapter, the Principles of Policy covers it and no force can amend or avoid it.

We have many other laws connected to human rights but a question arises that whether human rights in Pakistan are practically enforced.   Are these law limited to written documents or practically implemented too?

It seems that all the concerned laws have been swept away and the government as well as the nation is working like engines of violation of human rights.

Recently, we see our nation condemn the brutal lynching of Naveed Pathan in India but why we forget our own brutal and barbaric actions in the case of Mashal Khan, a university student, who was brutally killed by a mob in Abdul Wali Khan University on 13 April, 2017.

Though social activists are actively busy to empower some women but they do not bother to look at real issues in our society. It seems they only showcase women empowerment for personal gains and to attract international attention.

We want to get famous in short time but we do not follow Abdul Sattar Edhi to work on real issues.

In district Swat we have several issues for which social and human rights activists must work on.  For example no one bothers to demand of the government to establish Brail School System for blind children. There is an intense need of institutions to cater the needs of special children but we have completely ignored this sector.

We never demanded strictly for construction of Dar ul Aman own building, a shelter for helpless and marginalized women. We come across homeless aged people in streets but never of their shelter and care.

These all are the responsibilities of government to take every possible step for the welfare of society and public but we never see such steps taken.

First, we should educate our nation and realize about human rights in true sense. We should think about people with disabilities, homeless aged people, orphan, and widows in our society and help them to live peacefully.  We cannot become a civilized nation until we think about others who are in miseries.

This is fact that as a nation we are faced with multiple issues in our society and our government is not a social welfare state but we must keep in mind that population is one of the main elements of State.

If we try to raise awareness in our youth and they seriously work on issues practically then it is also fact that they have the power to bring our society out of illusions.

We must stand united for the rights of others and become useful citizens. Let us follow Edhi and work for the needy and privileged people living in our society.

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