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Swat power outage is due to wear transmission lines, WAPDA Claims

By Ihsan ullah

Swat: Water and power development authority ultimately issued explanation of severe load shedding persist in swat. The grand Jirga given ultimatum also ended up yesterday, but couldn’t influence WAPDA to decide the matter. The concern authority disseminated a comprehensive explanation after the excessive resistance bared by local people, businessmen and civil society.

WAPDA in his clarification stated that the existing transmission lines are operated since 1984 which have now lost its capacity to engage the fast growing consumers. “Day by day users’ upsurge that generates extreme burden on the lines”. The department further says, the power outage is actually the consequences of 33 years old transmission lines which are entirely eroded and need to be replaced.

The WAPDA authority also assured that efforts on these lines are under progress and the people will get rid of such issues very soon.

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