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Seven people of swat were held hostage by pirates in Romania: Families protested

 By Ihsan ullah Khan

Human smugglers exploit frustrated and poor people across the Globe. The same incident happened in swat, where seven youngsters were pursuing work opportunities in Europe without having awareness of legal ways. The innocent youngsters hail from different villages of swat who were smartly deluded by human smugglers two weeks earlier. The agents assured to lead them to Europe through illegal means of border crossing who were then apprehended by pirates in Romania. The buccaneers demanded 10 thousand euros in exchange for the release of each hostage. All the captives belong to extremely poor families which seems unbearable to satisfy the demand of the pirates. The family members of the victims are helpless and demonstrated protest two days before in order to expose the issue publically. The demonstrators include mothers, sisters and other family relatives of the sufferers. One of the disgruntled mothers says’’ I tried to persuade him not to go this way but he refused me and argued that our financial condition would get better once I reach Europe. The consultants pledged to lead our son to Europe securely but in fact, they handed him over to the brutal pirates said by the mother in a melancholic tone. Another woman from the hostage’s family exemplified on the occasion and said, our brother took this step due to severe compulsion and oppression. He always wished to enhance our living condition but lake of  secure job here inspired him to go abroad. We borrowed the money for the process which is misused with awful consequences said by the dejected sister of the affected family. All the members of the victims’ families asked government cooperation and also appealed to take pragmatic measures in this regard.

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