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Young girl of swat free education campaign; thirty children presently enrolled

By Ihsan ullah

Swat: A young girl Moona Idrees Khan took self-help initiative to enlighten the lives of those children who don’t have admittance to education. Presently the Girl picked the tab of thirty children education. The Girl belongs to saidu sharif has firm determination to extract evils from the society, for which she contemplates education the only tool.

While talking to media Moona Idrees said, after completing education in the field of information and technology, I pledged to include marginalized and vulnerable people in the society by providing them education . I started the movement on my own efforts and passion and Almighty added his blessings which enable me to enlist thirty children.

“These children can divert the course of their lives and families in future. Education will provide appropriate direction of life and can restrain them from illegal exploitation as well. She further elaborated that whenever she observes children in working field instead of schools, her heart began to cry. She also condemned the obscured behavior of leaders and policy makers towards child rights . Meanwhile Moona demanded support from elite class and politician of the society in this regard.

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