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The Healthiest Options at Starbucks That Actually Taste Good

You’re hard at work on a Tuesday afternoon, whether it be for your campus internship, at your study group meeting, or with your squad. In these situations, it is quite common for co-workers, classmates and friends to suggest the All-American pick-me-up: Starbucks.

Those who are trying to maintain their health might cringe at the suggestion. Breads, Frappuchinos and creamers? Oh my! Once you start putting in all the effort necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, you definitely don’t want to let your hard work go to waste on networking trips to Starbucks.

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve conducted some careful research for you to save your diet from all the hidden calories, sugars and stress that some menu options might have.

Want to actually feel good about socializing, studying, networking and munching at the popular coffee place? Go ahead and order from the following list:


Black Coffee or Tea

I know, I know. These drinks lack major flavor and might not be as sweet as other choices available. However, black coffee and plain tea are great if you are looking to save up some calories. If you want to make them flavorful, though, just add some sugar-free flavor syrup.

A tall Brewed Tazo Tea has 0 calories and a tall brewed boffee has 4 calories, while a tall Java Chip Frappuccino with 2% milk and whipped cream contains 330 calories. With no added sugars, creamers or flavors, you can feel good about what you are drinking to keep yourself awake while studying for that midterm.

Evolution Cold Press Juices

These juices, combining fruits and veggies in a cold-press process, are low in calories and contain all-natural and clean ingredients. The produce used is found to be linked to glowy skin, better hair and extra energy to make it through your day. Drink up!


Choosing yogurt at Starbucks is waaaay cleaner than chomping on a scone or cake pop. The Greek yogurt provides probiotic benefits and the granola and fruit sweeten up the dish to subside your sugar craving when meeting to catch up with friends.

Spinach Feta Egg White Wrap

Craving the egg bacon sandwich that your study buddy just ordered? Opt for the Spinach Feta Egg White Wrap instead. This high-protein and veggie-filled order contains just 290 calories, and enough food to fill you up so that you can be ready to hit the books feeling energized and refreshed.


Clocking in at a filling 160 to 330 calories, oatmeal at Starbucks is a great option for those of you looking to slim down or maintain your healthy lifestyle. The fiber is filling, while the dish offers a bit of sweetness. Pick the oatmeal instead of the pumpkin bread when your friend suggests a quick Starbucks run before your 8 am.

Protein Bistro

If your campus boss suggests Starbucks for a networking lunch, switch up your order with the Protein Bistro box. It boasts a wide variety of options, such as a hard-boiled egg, fruit, nuts and cheese. Totaling in at 370 calories, it is more health conscious than that pastry and Frap that you know you were going to order.

I bet you’re feeling healthier just reading this. Now go out there and enjoy your Starbucks.

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