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Swat prayer leader joins anti-polio drive

MINGORA: A local religious leader, Mufti Samiullah, has rolled up his sleeves to help eradicate the deadly polio virus from Swat valley and he along with his team is actively taking part in the three-day anti-polio campaign that started on Feb 15.

The payer leader is on a transit duty at the main gate of Saidu Teaching Hospital where he not only personally immunises children, but also motivates parents to do so in future.

“When I saw so many volunteers taking part in the anti-polio drive I also wished to serve the humanity and take part in the campaign. I went to the polio vaccination office and learnt everything about the drops and found it essential for the children’s health,” the prayer leader told Dawn.

Mufti Samiullah usually advocates administering polio drops to children in his sermons. He said that every person in the society should come forward and take part in the campaign.

Mufti Samiullah says he wants to serve humanity

“According to the holy Quran, saving life of one human being means saving the entire mankind. It is our religious duty not only to urge parents to inoculate their children, but also to take part in the drive personally,” he said.

“I will be part of the anti-polio campaign until the virus is eliminated from Pakistan,” he vowed and asked the religious scholars to take part in the campaign to make it a success.

He also urged the parents to save their children from permanent disability by vaccinating them against poliovirus.

The polio staff in the district is also happy with the work of Mufti Samiullah.

“Yesterday the Mufti inoculated 236 children at this gate and his today’s progress is also encouraging,” said Mohammad Ghaffar, area supervisor of the campaign in Saidu Sharif, on Tuesday.

He said that ulema could play a vital role in the polio eradication campaign. Over 1,300 teams are taking part in the campaign.

Published in Dawn.


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