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It is difficult to flow in the stream of time; Says Neelam Ibrar

by: Ihsan ullah khan

(Swat) “Neelam Ibrar” is the most talk about woman in social sectors at district Swat in terms of her accomplishments and inputs. Terrorism is the indefensible fact in the history of Swat which devastated the beauty of this valley and induced more than half of its population on evacuation. Neelam Ibrar’s’’ family was one of those less families who remained in Swat and tolerated the vilest circumstances at the time of army strict operation against terrorists in 2009


While talking to say writers” Neelam” demonstrated that she witnessed butchery of innocent people which led her to depression but retained soon because of parents motivation and sustenance. She acquired her rhythm back and raised voice against militancy in that brutal situation. It’s very obvious that fate sometime plays with people same was the case with ‘Neelam,’another gigantic blow hit her and almighty grabbed the soul of her father. The sudden demise of father turned her again to despair and hospitalized her for several months. Despite the loss of her father Neelam resisted the situation and restored the vanishing confidence.


Neelam believes that Women can contribute if they have the potential to conquest the obstacles. She is running campaigns against rape, terrorism and child abuse which are appreciated everywhere. “Peace for new generation’ ’is another lucrative movement of this young woman, an account of which she received a gold medal from European Union. Pakistan army and other social networks also acknowledged her efforts by bestowing her different awards. Neelam, a twenty two years young and valor lady, having the determination to endow her life for the betterment of society. Moreover Neelam badges her success to her parents and regards them as a tower of her inspiration

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