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Glorious Waterfall in Jarogo Tehsil Matta



The creator of universe bestowed sensational beauty to swat valley. The exquisite beauty of the valley can be guesstimated from its lash green mountains, snow covered summits, embellished grounds, breath-taking waterfalls and the transparent water of springs and rivers. Besides other fascinating spots of swat valley, the area of “Jarogo” and its paradisiac water fall also has prominent value in terms of natural beauty. Simultaneously, falling of water from 400 feet height enhances its beauty and magnetism which offers the sight of heaven.


The visitors lauded and praised the entangling beauty of Jarogo area, while talking to saywriters.

That such spectacular spots exist rarely around the sphere. Unfortunately, excess to this area is ostrich orange because of no proper road, people requires 2 hours walking distance inside forest to reach the spot. On the other hand, the incredible beauty of the place attracted provincial minister Mahmood khan to adore the dreamland. He assured the construction of posh infrastructure to this area to make it accessible for tourism.



By Ihsan Khan

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