Future at Stake

By Habibullah 

The month of October in Pakistan has the same importance as 9th November and 14th August. Like the other prominent days this month has secured its position in country’s calendar. The arrival of October fills the heart of masses with fear and titanic despair. The wounds of previous 2005 earthquake had not been healed that another devastating earthquake struck Pakistan and specially its tribal belt. In a twist of finger the posh infrastructure turned into the scrap of debris. Politicians, rescue teams and other governments and non government organizations jumped out of their skins to glitter their potentialities.

Much has been said and done but still the loopholes are articulated. Every natural calamity brings destruction which reveals the incompetence of a state. Just as in recent earthquake and its aftermath depicted the myopic performance of different government departments. For instance, the recent visit of veteran anchor person Hamid Mir showed us the smoldering state of our school and college students. As it is stated “to understand a question is half answered”.

Few questions were asked in connection of concerned authorities’ response to their tribulations. But the entire questions were all Greek to the affectees. How awareness can be brought among people who cannot respond to a simple Urdu question? How will they stand shoulder by shoulder with the rest of world? How will they be extricated from the shackles of terrorism and terrorists? Tackling with these questions the vital step is communication, which is a great hindrance for the people of these hilly areas. One of the major objectives of Imran Khan led PTI (Pakistan Tehreek Insaf) government is education. In this regard, some applauded measures have been taken by them, like as for securing full services of teachers’ check and balance over students’ attendance, an independent monitoring unit was installed likewise a hunt for ghost schools which numbered 144 according to the Dawn News is getting acceleration. These and some other efforts are a ray of hope for KP (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) education sector.

But along with these if certain other steps are considered then the day of victory is not for. For instance all the provinces and specially KP should implement the September 8, 2015 verdict of Supreme Court in favor of Urdu as the official language. It will boil down the dominance of English language. Furthermore it will revive the supremacy of Urdu. Besides in curriculum design politics of gain should be kept under the carpet.

Moreover, this is not the last catastrophe which we experienced. Pakistan ranks 101 out of 172 in risk-prone countries. Its Disaster risk is 7.21 %.

In accordance with WRR “2012” (World Risk Report), for diverging this menace awareness campaign should be launched which can be proved fruitful if people are communicated properly. This can be done only by revising the curriculum and by making Urdu and English mandatory for admission in college level. Prominence of Urdu will help in the promulgation of knowingness on local bases while English will give a helping hand in the exposure of us to international community. Perfection in this world is not possible and for developing countries like Pakistan it is an Osage orange. Natural disasters cannot be stopped but precautions can guarantee safety and it can be done when blockage in communication is uprooted.

The writer is Saywriters’ chief -editor and the President of TimeRise Pakistan.

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abdul wahab November 19, 2015 at 1:30 pm

It’s the reality that we cannot communicate or convey our message

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