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Three things to do to boost up your energy levels

Three things to do to boost up your energy levels| TheNewsTribe.com

Do you feel tired at work place? Want some energy boosters? Here are a few tips that would keep you refreshed and alive during a hectic day.

Let the light in

Unfasten the windows and let the curtains opened. Also step outside frequently. Nature has its own perks. Natural light can play a role in body’s energy levels. Regular exposure to sunlight can maintain higher energy levels in people suffering from fatigue. If you work in a window less space, try to step outside for some light therapy for five minutes every hour if possible.

Frame your surroundings with energizing colors

Focusing on vibrant colors like red, yellow or orange have the energy boosting effect on the body, perhaps because these colors represent heat and radiant energy. So place vase of vibrantly hued flowers on your desk.

Listen to pleasant music

Pleasant music lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and improves mood. Furthermore, unplugging from melatonin-suppressing TV and computer screens will improve your ability to fall asleep when your head hits the pillow. Use music strategically: While listening to slower tunes can alter brain activity in a way that leads to a reduction in stress and pain, tuning in to upbeat music that has a high beat-per-minute count (120 or higher) can revive your energy when you need it.

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